A pure play in distributed ledger technologies
and the new digital economy

«DLT ASA seeks to provide investors unique, liquid access to the burgeoning distributed ledger economy by building and investing in best-in-class platforms, protocols, mining operations, and infrastructure projects»

Distributed Ledger Technologies

Distributed Ledger Technologies, or Blockchain based technologies, provide users with cryptographically secure products and services delivered without the use of a centralized counterparty.

Decentralized Finance (or DeFi), for instance, provides financial services without the need of traditional intermediaries such as banks, insurance companies, and brokers. These platforms provide loans, insurance products, trading, and countless other services. The DeFi industry’s volumes are now in the tens of billions with growth rates exceeding those of “traditional” market participants.

What we do?

DLT ASA leverages the experience and network of our management team to develop opportunities across multiple industry verticals. We develop Bitcoin and other token mining operations and continuously add to our portfolio of distributed ledger technology investments.

Many of the best opportunities within the distributed ledger industry are difficult to access as they are privately held or have technical barriers as bearer assets. DLT offers exposure to this expanding asset class. Targeted investments include: Platforms, Protocols, Exchanges, and Wallet Technologies.